Serpentini Chevrolet Stadium Complex Master Plan

The ‘Sponsor the Turf' donation drive represents an ambitious fundraising effort for the installation of a vitally needed Synthetic Turf Field & an All-Weather Track at North Royalton High School’s Gibson Field. The North Royalton community has always taken great pride in the school’s athletic programs. Since 1940 our outdoor stadium has hosted countless soccer, football, band and track events. As you know, our community has grown significantly over the past 70 years, but our stadium has not kept pace with that change and growth.

We think now is the perfect time to change that...


This past summer, the stadium received a $250,000 renovation which included:
*  New installation of the Visitor Stands with 800 ADA compliant bleacher seats and wheelchair ramps
          (expandable to 2,000 seats by project completion),
*  Installation of paved walkways to the Visitors and Home Stands
*  Visitors portable concession stand and portable ADA compliant restroom facilities
*  Re-landscape the Visitors side, reducing the hill, adding retaining walls and level walkways



Next summer 2011 the stadium may undergo more projected renovations including:
*  Replace Existing Home Grandstands - the current 1,900 seat home grandstand would be replaced by a 3,000 seat grandstand, a larger state-of-the-art press box and possible viewing box area
*  Upgrading the Concession Stand and Restroom Facilities

 PHASE ONE and PHASE THREE, the Stadium Visitor and Home Grandstand renovations, will be completely funded by the North Royalton School Board and will be constructed in time for next fall’s season football opener in 2011.
That is fantastic news for our 70-year old stadium, and the fans this past season loved the upgrades made on the Visitors side of the stadium. 

PHASE TWO - Stadium Foundation Responsibility to Fund the Field

Installation of Synthetic Turf creating a Multi-Purpose Facility: 

We are planning on utilizing the privately raised NRSF funds to replace the current grass field with a state-of-the-art,multi-purpose, artificial turf field which will allow a wide variety of activities and ages to use the stadium. Similar projects go from hosting 30-40 high school athletic contests a year to over 200 school and community events. A renovated stadium would also allow our community to host regional sports play-offs and tournaments.

Installation of an All-Weather Track:
A new eight lane competitive track along with new field areas would replace the current out-dated track allowing the possibility of hosting revenue generating track tournaments.


Unfortunately, the School Board did not earmarked any monies for a new synthetic playing surface and track - arguably the most crucial need at the facility.  That is why we are trying to raise approximately $1.3 million from our Royalton Community and Family within the next few months to pay for the artificial surface which will provide safety, longevity and low maintenance, as early as the 2011 season!


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