Sponsor a 'Yard of Turf' at

Serpentini Chevrolet Stadium



Do you have a special memory at North Royalton High School?  

Would you like your family name or business to be symbolically recognized on a specific yard line of the New Turf field?


We invite you to take advantage of our  'SPONSOR A YARD of TURF' Program  and stake your claim to your own little symbolic piece of BEAR TURF!  Each square yard can be yours for as little as $100.00.    Each donation places your name, family or Business name on our “Sponsor the Turf Banner”, which will be displayed on the Stadium grounds upon completion of the project.  Your name along with teammates, family, and friends will be placed side by side on the TURF BANNER to show your generosity.  

A $300 donation puts your Turf in the center of the field by the 50 yard logo. For $200 you get your Turf in the End Zones, pick your side!  And $100 donors get to pick anywhere else on the field you wish your name placed, from goal line to goal line.  Donate today, and tell us what section of Turf you want.

Be Creative!  If you belong to a club or group, whether it is the Drum Line or the Offensive Line, suggest a small donation from everybody and get a 'Yard of Turf' at Serpentini Chevrolet Stadium with your name on it.

How do I get my YARD of TURF?    Click here for the order form and mail it in.

Once the Turf is SOLD OUT, your opportunity to be a part of

this great project will be gone forever!


Current Pledge Level is at $1,050,000

 North   South

End Zone                                                                                                                                       End Zone

Please take a moment to carefully review the entire Stadium Foundation plan.   After doing so, we hope that you will see how important you are to helping the district and community achieve our goal of a new TURF and TRACK at the High School.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS…and our North Royalton Kids deserve a better field!   

Click here to see the CURRENT Athletic Complex Master Plan